Pickem Rules

  • Each week you will be given a list of games to pick.
  • There are several selections you need to make on each game.
  • You must choose a winner for each game
  • You must choose a margin of victory for each game, margin of victory range from 1-100.
  • Based on the margin of victory you selected, a range will appear in the next column. You can lock that range for a chance to earn extra bonus points.
  • However, if the team you selected to win doesn't win in the range you locked, your score for that game will automatically be -25, regardless if you picked the correct team or not.
  • Bonuses are based on statistical categories. You must choose a team and select whether to choose them winning (1st), placing (1st or 2nd) or showing (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in that stat.
  • If you select the correct team to win, you will earn 10 points.
  • You will receive points base on how close you are to the actual final margin. You will only recieve these points, if you selected the correct team. There is a maximum 20 points for this criteria. However, 1 point is taken away for each point you are away from the actual margin of victory. If you are more than 20 points away from the actual margin of victory, you will receive 0 points for this criteria.
  • Picking the exact margin of victory is worth 20 Bonus Points
  • If you locked the Range of Victory and are correct, you will recieve 50 Bonus Points
  • Unsuccessfully locking the range of victory results in a -25 score for that game.
  • Correctly answering the Bonus Question is worth an additional Points. Correctly picking a win is worth 100pts, place 75pts and show is worth 50pts.
  • This game is for entertainment purposes only, and should be solely used for that purpose. This site does not promote gambling, and does not intend to promote it.
  • Winner (upon verification of address) will recieve $100 Amazon Gift Card