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Congrats to owlcarlos! I don't think he can be caught. Subscribe to this topic (Soon)
almadenmike by: almadenmike
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After the New Year's Day games, it appears that owlcarlos now has an unbeatable (barely!) lead.

The Top 4 are currently:

owlcarlos - 3,294
monarchfan91 - 3,245 (-49)
almadenmike - 3,241 (-53)
mike77 - 3,239 (-55)

Owlcarlos and mike77 both have Wisconsin to 'Show' in the Bonus question ... and the Badgers are currently in a tie for that 3rd place with Kentucky & Clemson (20 points). The Bonus leaders are Houston (17) and Minnesota (18), who were picked by ... no one!

Of the Top 4, I'm the only one who picked K-State. The other three all picked LSU to win by 3. But if K-State wins by exactly 7 points -- my pick -- AND its (or the Jan. 10 championship's) winning score is fewer than 20 points, then my 50 points will still leave me three points short of owlcarlos. (He and I both pick Alabama to win by 10, so that game doesn't affect our relative scores.)

If Wisconsin holds onto the 'Show' position, then owlcarlos and mike77 will both get 50 points. But mike77 cannot catch the leader either, even if he hits the championship winning margin on the nose. Mike77 and monarchfan91 both picked Alabama to win by 14. If they hit that on the nose, they gain 24 points on owlcarlos (50-26), which isn't enough for either of them to catch the leader.

Congrats, owlcarlos!!

I think for the race for 2nd place looks like:

> Mike77 gets it if LSU wins and Wisconsin stays in the Bonus 'Show' position
> monarchfan91 is 2nd if LSU wins and Wisconsin drops OUT of the 'Show' spot, and
> I get it if K-State wins and Wisconsin drops OUT of the 'Show' spot.

What a finish!

Posted: 1/3/2022 9:54:06 AM

almadenmike by: almadenmike
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Barely halfway through the 2nd quarter, and K-State has already scored 21 points. That's great for my game-win pick, but it also means that I'll need the Alabama-Georgia championship game winner to score fewer than 20 points for me to have a chance for 2nd place. I'm sure the ESPN's Probability Prediction Percentage of that happening is pretty darned low. :-)

Posted: 1/4/2022 8:14:53 PM

owlcarlos by: owlcarlos
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Thank you!

Posted: 1/4/2022 11:05:11 PM