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Bowl bonus question status ... after 20 games Subscribe to this topic (Soon)
almadenmike by: almadenmike
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We've played 20 bowls and here is my (unofficial) tally of the leaders in the Bonus Question (Most First Downs):

30 ... Western Kentucky
29 ... SMU
28 ... South Alabama

Among the current Top 8 in the leaderboard, only one team's Bonus Q choice has played: co-leader baldingblazer's Buffalo Bulls. Aside from wonderful alliteration, he won't get bonus points, as the Bulls got just 25 first downs.

Five of the Top 8 picked Oregon, which plays tonight (vs. UNC) in San Diego (so no weather worries).

Good luck to all!

Posted: 12/28/2022 12:38:35 PM

almadenmike by: almadenmike
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Four more bowl games were played on Wednesday night, and they brought only bad news for those hoping for bonus points.

Oregon won its game, but came woefully short in the first down department: only 21.

Several in the Top 25 of our leaderboard picked Ole Miss or Texas Tech. But while the Red Raiders thumped Ole Miss on the scoreboard, they both tied in first downs at 27, which is now two short of the 'Show' podium place. Close, but no points for their pickers.

Kansas, however, joined WKU in the top spot with 30 first downs, and Arkansas (which defeated the Jayhawks in the 3rd overtime) moved into the 'Show' spot with SMU at 29. These newcomers ouster South Alabama (28 FDs). Of course, none of us had picked any of these teams.

Thursday's three games include Florida State, which is my pick to 'Place'.

Friday's five games include Clemson (the 'Place' choice of #9 wrysal) vs Tennessee (NTTHOR's 'Place' pick) as well as crafdog's 'Show' choice, Notre Dame.

Other Bonus Q choices still to play are Utah (chosen by three, including #6 Dancing Monarch/'Show') and Iowa (UMFtBallTiger/'Place').

Posted: 12/29/2022 2:46:32 AM

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ESPN is showing Kansas with 31 First Downs, which puts then in first alone.

Posted: 12/29/2022 10:59:07 AM

almadenmike by: almadenmike
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Thanks, ICB. I must have looked too soon after the game finished (and before the stats went final).

Friday's games yielded a new BonusQ leader, as Clemson ran a record 101 plays and earned 34 first downs to vault into the top spot and kick Arkansas and SMU off the podium.

Wrysal is the only one in the Top 25 who picked Clemson. He'll get 25 'Place' points if the Tigers finish in 1st or 2nd place. That would move him up 1 spot to #5 in the current standings and past sabrebills04, who's having a dreadful bowl round (130 points), missing 4 of the last 5 games in which he had 'High' confidence ... after bring correct on 9 of the previous 10 games!

Clemson lost the game, however, which will tilt the back and forth between me and baldingblazer in my favor by 5 points.

With 9 games remaining, the race is still essentially wide open, as the plus/minus 20 points for 'High' confidence games has the potential for big movements.

Posted: 12/31/2022 11:52:16 AM