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almadenmike by: almadenmike
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Penn State's reign atop the Bonus Question leaderboard was as short as possible. In the very next game, LSU pummeled Oklahoma for 49 1st-half points! Wow!!

Eight contestants chose LSU for their bonus bet. But none picked the Tigers to win. The highest-ranking folks who picked LSU -- all to Show -- are current #10 Mike77, #11 owlcarlos & #12 blazers9911. #16 UMFtballTiger is the highest-ranking of three players to pick LSU to Place. (The lowest-ranking one is #62 BlazerEducator, who also locked his pick that the Tigers would beat the Sooners by 10 points, which seems likely to cost him 25 points.)

At the half, LSU is leading by 35. The highest victory-margin picks are:

27, by #27 tailgater15
25, by #43 MTDieHard
24, by #19 Techdawg88
22, by #30 baldingblazer
21, by #3 Motley Blazer and 3 others.

The current Bonus Question leaderboard is:

49 - LSU
35 - Penn State
31 - Hawaii

Posted: 12/28/2019 4:27:24 PM