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almadenmike by: almadenmike
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With Kansas State's surprise blowout, I'll get 15 points and move into 2nd place. But who will finish in 2nd place behind owlcarlos?

Here are the Top 4 ... with their Championship Game picks and Bonus choice (only Wisconsin is still in contention):

owlcarlos - 3,294 [Alabama by 10/Wisconsin-Show]
almadenmike - 3,255 (-39) [Alabama by 10]
monarchfan91 - 3,245 (-49) [Alabama by 14]
mike77 - 3,239 (-55) [Alabama by 14/Wisconsin/Show]

If the Championship winner scores 20 or more points, then mike77 will get 50 bonus points, and move into 2nd place, no matter what the Championship Game's victory margin is. Even if my pick ('Bama by 10) is on the nose, my total (3,255 + 50 = 3,305) would be less than mike77's (3,239 + 50 + 26 = 3,315). And if his and monarchfan91's margin pick ('Bama by 14) is on the nose, he'd move ahead of monarchfan91 (3,239 + 50 + 50 = 3,339 vs 3,245 + 50 = 3,295).

If the Championship Game's winning score is 19 or fewer points, Wisconsin will drop out of the 'Show' position, which will eliminate mike77 from 2nd place, because monarchfan91 would stay ahead of him, even with an on-the-nose Alabama winning margin, because they both have the same pick: 'Bama by 14.

If the Championship Game's winning score is 19 or fewer points, monarchfan91 would need to get 11 more points than me to move into 2nd place. The only way that could happen is if his 14-point 'Bama winning margin pick is on the nose: 3,245 + 50 = 3,295 vs 3,255 + 26 = 3,281. All other victory margins give him, at most, four points more than me.

Good luck to all!

Posted: 1/11/2022 11:08:12 AM