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almadenmike by: almadenmike
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There were some pretty amazing scores this week ...and NONE of the Top 7 scores got any Bonus points! Each of the top four in the leaderboard picked all the winners: #1 AEOS (336 points) and #4 blazer74 (321), up from #7, each got two victory margins on the nose, while #2 USM72 (291) and #3 Motley Blazer (303) each got one. Further down the leaderboard: >#30 Blazer99 (333), up from #39, missed Charlotte's win, but nailed three perfect victory margins; >#38 Blazer05 (315), up from #43, missed Wisconsin's win, but had two 50-point perfect margins; and >#44 UnderMiner (299), up only one from #45, missed three winners (Auburn, Wisconsin & Ohio State) and lost a lock, but won two locked games (missing 100-point wins by just 2 points each!) and also hit a 50-point perfect margin. Congrats, guys!!

Posted: 12/1/2019 3:05:24 PM