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almadenmike by: almadenmike
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Thursday had three huge upsets: Only 3 of the Top 25 picked Marshall's win over FIU, 4 had FAU over WKU, and 5 chose UAB over UTSA. After two games tonight, the Top 11 were 2-20! And then NONE of the Top 16 picked UAB. Eleven of the Top 12 had UTEP winning by double digits ... but even at home, the Miners could beat lowly Middle Tennessee by a single point! It's lookin' like parity, baby!!

A few folks down the leaderboard, however, found some points-laden nuggets and should be moving up: BlazerHV nailed FAU's 4-point win perfectly. And four contestants -- BlueRaider95, Mike77 (no relation), Motley Blazer and not-so Knucklehead picked LaTech to win by a Baker's Dozen.

UPDATE: With the scores just posted, I see that crafdog had the best score in the Top 25: 179, with 2 perfect margins (UAB & UTEP). blazers9911 was second (153) with a perfect ODU margin, and MT DieHard is third (148) with 6 of 7 games picked correctly. Congrats!!!

I have limited my chances to make ground on the leader, UM Ftball Tiger, because I picked (not intentionally, of course) 5 games exactly as he did!

On the Bonus Round, 11 of the Top 25 picked UTSA .. 4 to Place(including UM Ftball Tiger), the rest to Show. After Thursday's games, the 'Runners are in the Show position, tied with FAU and ODU with 10 made 3-point goals. Leading are LaTech (13) and Charlotte (11). This is great news for Motley Blazer, who picked LaTech to Win. Three others in the Top 25 picked the Bulldogs to Show.

Other Top 25 Bonus choices are FIU (1 Place, 4 show), WKU (1 Place), Rice (2 Show) and one Show each for Maryland and Marshall, all of whom are currently out of the money (and Maryland is done for the week).

Good luck to all!

Posted: 1/30/2020 9:52:17 PM

almadenmike by: almadenmike
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Level: City Council

In early Saturday action, North Texas & Rice SCORCHED the 3-ball nets, with 16 & 15 made 3s, respectively. @UTSA, the Roadrunners are only 3-for-10 from downtown after its first half -- while MidTenn is 10-19. So this week's popular bonus point choice (UTSA) may find itself completely out of the money, unless is gets VERY hot from beyond the arc in the 2nd half.

Underdogs are 3-0 so far today, with FIU, Rice & USM all winning at home.

Posted: 2/1/2020 3:06:08 PM

almadenmike by: almadenmike
# Posts: 464
Level: City Council

UM Ftball Tiger scored a lackluster 179 points in Week 12 (picking 8 winners in the 16 games), but still increased his lead by 40 points this week -- to 272 -- as chaos reigned beneath him.

Former #2 Tailgater15 picked only 4 winners and netted just 74 points, falling all the way down to 7th place!

Meanwhile, odu09 (235 points) leaped up from 4th into 2nd by virtue of picking 10 winners.

BlueRaider95 and I went 1-for-Saturday in CUSA action. I got only 6 winners overall for 145 points and barely held onto 3rd place. BR95 had only 7 winners, but one was a perfect-margin 50-pointer, so he got 206 points this week and moved up a spot into 4th, a single point behind me (3,078-3,077).

Mext on the leaderboard, Mike77, BlazerHV and Tailgater15 are also nearly as close as you can get, with only one point separating each of them in 5th through 7th places: 3,054/3,053/3,052.

crafdog had the best round overall -- 338 points due to 12 winners (2 of them 50s), despite getting no bonus points. He moved up from 22nd to 18th place.

The only folks to get bonus points, btw, were #9 owlscarlos and #16 MTDieHard, who got 50 points each for their Rice-Show bets.

In the Notable-in-Defeat Dept., BlazerEducator's hot-lock streak came to a screeching halt: He wiffed every one of his 16 locks this week, getting the max-negative score of -400 (-25 x 16)!!

Posted: 2/3/2020 5:25:58 PM