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ICB can't win ... but WKUFan518 has a solid chance! Subscribe to this topic (Soon)
almadenmike by: almadenmike
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I suspect ICB was singing the old Tennessee Ernie Ford song "16 Tons" ("St. Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go.") in cheering for a Purdue victory that would enable him to have a chance to pass UMFtball Tiger into the top spot on our leaderboard.

But as you now know, the Peacocks prevailed in a huge upset, and ICB's title chances went down in flames with the Boilermakers. (As did St. Peter's offense today against UNC.) If Kansas wins the NCAA title, as ICB predicted, then he'll get 120 more points. But that would still leave him 23 points short of UMFT's current total (4746 - 4769). UMFT cannot earn any more points.

But in concentrating on the UMFT/ICB race, I had not looked closely enough at 4th-place WKUFan518's chances. And he has a legit chance to win!!

If Duke Beats Kansas in the Championship game, WKUFan will get 40+80+160=280 points (from 4,526 to 4,806), which would give HIM the Pickem victory over UMFT by a margin of 37 points!

So the Pickem title can go down to the result of the final game! (Unless Duke loses in the semis.)

"And DOWN THE STRETCH they come!!"

Good luck to all!

Posted: 3/27/2022 8:18:34 PM