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almadenmike by: almadenmike
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I love analyzing the picks of the leaders, but haven’t had much time these days. I thought I'd at least see what March Madness looks like, though.

UMFtballTiger is holding a nearly 200-point lead, so he’s in great shape unless other high-placed contenders make correct picks that UMFT did not. So for starters, I looked at the 1st-round picks by our leaderboard’s Top 10 (down to techdawg88, who’s more than 450 points out of the lead).

We’re unanimous (10-0) for all of the Top 3 seeds and also #4 Illinois. Then starting at the top of the "All Picks" page, we’re for:

Houston (8-2), Colorado St. (6-4), Loyola-Chicago & Seton Hall (7-3 each);

South Dakota State (6-4), Iowa (9-1), split 5-5 on LSU/Iowa St & San Diego St/Creighton;

Arkansas & UConn (8-2 each), Memphis (6-4) and 4 for Alabama, 3 for Notre Dame and 3 for Rutgers (which lost to the Irish in its play-in game);

UCLA, St. Mary’s & UNC (9-1 each), VaTech & Murray St. (6-4 each).

In the earliest 6 games today, three went against our Top 10’s overall choices.

Our Fearless Leader/Commish (ICB) was the only one (of our Top 10 leaders) to pick the Richmond Spiders to beat Iowa. He was also in the minority that correctly chose Providence to hold off popular upset pick South Dakota State. But ICB was wrong on Colorado State and Boise St. I see that UMFT was wrong on South Dakota State and Iowa, but correct with Michigan and Memphis, so he’s not going to lose much ground so far.

Good luck to all!

Posted: 3/17/2022 3:16:44 PM