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I think ICB can still win -- but EVERYTHING has to go his way going forward Subscribe to this topic (Soon)
almadenmike by: almadenmike
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After this weekend's 2nd round games, UM Ftball Tiger currently has a 164-point lead over ICB.

In the "difference-maker" games, UMFT went 3-2, gaining 50 points on wins by 1-seed Villanova, Houston (5) and UCLA (4). ICB went 3-4, but gained 90 points with 11-seed Iowa St., Providence (4) and Purdue (3).

The Elite Eight difference makers this coming week are Texas Tech (3-UMFT) vs. Duke (2-ICB), and UCLA (4) for UMFT and Purdue (3) for ICB. If each of these games goes ICB's way (wins by Duke & Purdue and a loss by UCLA), then ICB will gain 50 points on UMFT, and would be 114 points behind.

Anything else, and ICB has no chance, because in the final three rounds -- labeled on the leaderboard as Final Four, Semis and Championship -- ICB can gain only 120 points on UMFT. That good fortune would give ICB a 4-point win! But anything less, he finishes second (or perhaps even third).

ICB's route to the title requires that a) UCLA and Texas Tech lose in the Elite Eight round, b) Purdue wins in the Elite Eight round, and c) Kansas beats Gonzaga in the Championship game. Any other result in any of these games would make give UMFT an unsurmountable lead.

Wouldn't we all like to see a Gonzaga-Kansas championship game go into overtime with the Blazernation title at stake? :-)

(Note: Since Mike77 is just 38 points behind ICB, it's certainly possible that if things don't go ICB's was, Mike&& can pass him and finish in 2nd place. But Mike77 has no chance of catching UMFT.)

Good luck to all!!

Posted: 3/20/2022 10:39:12 PM

almadenmike by: almadenmike
# Posts: 464
Level: City Council

Duke's win over Texas Tech Thursday night kept ICB on his extremely narrow possible path to victory.

On Friday, Kansas and Purdue must win -- and UCLA must lose -- for ICB to continue to hope for a run to a Jayhawk title and a 7-point Pickem win over UM Ftball Tiger. Anything different ... and UMFT wins!

Posted: 3/24/2022 9:40:19 PM