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almadenmike by: almadenmike
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The frontrunner read this tournament's field brilliantly, garnering the 3rd highest tournament score on the leaderboard -- 547 -- to keep all challengers at a comfortable distance. The top 2 scores were HerdnBucks (632, jumped 5 spots to 13th) and ICB (606, moved up 4 places to 15th).__ >> __ Backcout made the biggest move toward the leader, but still lost ground of course, riding Villanova to 503 points. The only other 500+ tourney score was djnva's 510, which pushed him up from 14th place to 11th. __ >> __ Monarchfan91 and I were the only ones to have a perfect Play-In picks. But knowing that I needed a bunch of upset wins to gain on the leader, it turns out I picked poorly, getting the 3rd worst score on the leaderboard (349). Only blazers9911 (291, dropping from 13th to 17th) and MTDieHard (314, holding at 21st) did worse. Monachfan91 held 6th place with 455.

Thanks, ICB for managing such a fun game. Looking forward to football (despite being a Rice fan. Oh, the agony!)

Posted: 4/3/2018 11:07:58 AM